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  • Big Blessing 1: Receive Bo’s LifeTalk every month--FREE
  • Big Blessing 2: Receive one or two worship songs every month—FREE
  • Big Blessing 3: Receive Bo’s Ebook, Take Charge--FREE
  • Big Blessing 4: Receive Bo’s Ebook, Fire!--FREE
  • Big Blessing 5: Receive Bo’s Ebook, My Conspiracy Theory—FREE
  • Big Blessing 6: Earn Passive Income as Bo’s Affiliate
  • Big Blessing 7: Earn Passive Income from Bo’s other Internet Work

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So with all these great benefits, is Platinum Membership very expensive?

Not at all.  We’ve made it very affordable for you.  For the suggested donation of $51.00 $43.00 $27.00 $19.97 only per month (Non-Philippines residents), you already become a Platinum Member of the GodWhispersClub.

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