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How could something as simple as GodWhispers change your life?

Here’s why: Your beliefs are very powerful.

Your beliefs are so powerful, they determine your whole destiny.

And from my experience, two of the most important beliefs that determine your destiny are beliefs about who you are and who God is.

These two crucial beliefs—(1) who you think you are and (2) who you think God is—will shape your entire future. Trust me, your happiness and success in life depends on these two beliefs!

And that’s where GodWhispers come in. If you read GodWhispers daily, over time, I’m convinced it can change these two crucial beliefs.

How do I know?

Let me tell you my story…

Where My Distorted Beliefs Come From

When I was a child, I was sexually molested.

Though a victim, I blamed myself.

I found myself hating myself. I felt dirty. I felt ugly.

As the years went by, I developed a sexual addiction that messed up my life for many, many years. But worse than that, I developed a shame-based personality.

For years, I would wake up every morning feeling a deep sadness in my heart. At first, I didn’t know why I felt so much despair in me. It was only much later that I discovered what it was: I realized I was ashamed about who I was. I was ashamed that I was alive. I was ashamed that I even existed!

I was desperate for people to like me—so I would bend over backwards to get people to like me. If people didn’t like me, I panicked. I felt I was dying inside.

My sexual addiction was simply a hunger for love. And not being able to get that love, I chose a substitute—which was sexual fantasies and pornography. They were my anaesthesia to deaden the pain inside.

The funny thing was that early on, when I was 12 years old, I came to a personal relationship with God. But somehow, my addictions and my deep-seated shame continued and even worsened. I didn’t know why I wasn’t being healed.

Years later, I realized why: My image of God had to be healed first.

You see, once upon a time, I thought that God was a judgmental God. I thought that when God looked at me, all He saw were my sins and my weaknesses.

I began to heal when I began to change my beliefs about God.

How? I bombarded my mind with the correct image of God. (How I wish I had someone else sending me GodWhispers then!)

I learned that beliefs don’t change overnight. Changing one’s beliefs means creating new neural pathways in our brain.

Let me explain how this works.

The Secret To Changing Your Beliefs

Your mind is like a thick forest with well-beaten pathways.

Because people have been using these pathways often, the view is clear. No plants are growing on the path. You walk on the path effortlessly.

These pathways are your old beliefs.

But when you develop a new belief, it’s like clearing a new path through the thick forest. You need a sharp machete to cut the branches. You need to cut through the tall cogon grass. Again and again.

In other words, it requires repetition.

It requires bombarding your mind, especially your subconscious, until you finally get a new belief.

So I bombarded myself with my new image of God.

And as my belief about God changed, I noticed that my belief about myself changed too! I saw myself the way God saw me—wonderful, beautiful, loving, and worthy of love.

I began to experience powerful healing.

Soon, my addiction was healed.

And my deep-seated shame disappeared like the mist.

Each morning, I was now waking up with joy and peace in my heart. I began to develop a healthy love for myself. My relationship with God grew by leaps and bounds.

And soon, I began to attract blessings into my life. I realized the blessings were all there. I just didn’t know they were there. And I was rejecting them because I felt I didn’t deserve them.

Do you want to experience what I experienced?

Let me share with you how…

Change Your Beliefs
By Receiving GodWhispers Everyday

Everyday, I want you to receive GodWhispers.

Through GodWhispers, you’ll meet a different kind of God. A God who will tell you how much He loves you and how wonderful you are.

Through GodWhispers, you’ll bombard your mind, especially your subconscious, about this God who doesn’t focus on what’s wrong with you but what’s right with you.

And through the power of repetition, your beliefs will change.

About God. About yourself.

It will be beautiful.

Inch by inch, day by day, you’ll create new neural pathways in your mind.

Soon, you’ll attract more blessings into your life.

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You’ll Also Receive 6 Big Bonus Blessings

Platinum Members of the GodWhispersClub are people who want to attract more blessings into their life.

As a Platinum Member, you’ll not only receive GodWhispers daily, you’ll also receive 6 Big Bonus Blessings that will help you grow in your spiritual and personal life. Here they are…

Big Bonus Blessing 1:

You’ll Receive My LifeTalk Each Month,
MP3 Ready for Download,
To Help You Grow Closer To God

—Absolutely Free!

Every month, I’ll help you grow closer to God and become happier. How? Each month, I’ll select one of my very best, most powerful inspirational messages, and make it available for your listening pleasure. These monthly messages will encourage you, build you up, and enrich your soul. In the privacy of your home, you can listen to these practical messages again and again. Remember that the secret to changing anything is constancy. Month after month after month, you can listen to something uplifting, positive, and encouraging messages.

Each month will be like a surprise—where I cover various areas of your life. Sometimes, I’ll address your spiritual life. Sometimes, I’ll speak about your family life. And when your beliefs and thinking will change, so will your life.

But that’s not all…

Big Bonus Blessing 2:

You’ll Receive Uplifting Worship Songs
To Help You Pray

—Absolutely Free!

God will whisper to you through beautiful and powerful Music! If you love inspiring music, you’ll love this. Every month, I’ll send you one or two of my favorite worship songs—songs that we use at our Feast, the weekly gathering that I lead. You can download the MP3 files at your convenience. I know you’ll be very blessed. These worship songs will be led by the best of the best worship leaders—Arun Gogna, Alvin Barcelona, George Gabriel, Adrian Panganiban, Jon Escoto, and Obet Cabrillas. You can download them to your computer, transfer them to your ipod, or burn them into a CD.

But that’s not all…

Big Bonus Blessing 3:

You’ll Receive my inspiring Ebook,
Take Charge Of Your Life
4 Steps To Determine Your Destiny
And Create Incredible Success

Absolutely Free!

I believe what sets apart successful people is their ability to lead themselves.

Sure, they know how to lead others.

But before they can lead others, they need to lead themselves.

You can’t lead your nation, your company, your department, your business, your prayer group, or even your kids if you can’t lead yourself.

In this book, I invite you to take charge of your life.

If you want to change your life, you have to learn how to take charge of these 4 crucial areas:

    1. Focus
    2. Identity
    3. Emotions
    4. Values

Are you ready to determine your destiny and create incredible success?

Take a look at what’s inside this Ebook.

Table Of Contents

  • Intro:You Can’t Lead Others If You Can’t Lead Yourself
  • Section 1: Take Charge Of Your Focus
    • Chapter 1: Define Your Experience
    • Chapter 2: Choose From A Billion Stimuli
    • Chapter 3: Focus On The Dream
  • Section 2: Take Charge Of Your Identity
    • Chapter 4: Create An Identity Crisis
    • Chapter 5: The Power Of Perceived Identity
    • Chapter 6: See Yourself As God Sees You
    • Chapter 7: You Become The Labels You Give Yourself
    • Chapter 8: How To Change A Label
    • Chapter 9: Believe In God’s Opinion About You
  • Section 3: Take Charge Of Your Emotions
    • Chapter 10: How Not To Deal With Negative Emotions
    • Chapter 11: Negative Beliefs About Negative Emotions
    • Chapter 12: Treat Your Negative Emotions As Your Friends
    • Chapter 13: Negative Emotions As Gifts
    • Chapter 14: How Jesus Dealt With Negative Emotions
  • Section 4: Take Charge Of Your Values
    • Chapter 15:Be Led By Your Values, Not By Your Feelings
    • Chapter 16:Values Are Your Internal Compass


But that’s not all…

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Big Bonus Blessing 4:

You’ll Receive My Inspiring Ebook,
5 Steps To Bring You Closer To God

Absolutely Free!

This special Ebook—never been published—will deepen your relationship with God.

In these pages, I teach that the start of prayer is always the scene of the Prodigal Son coming home. You enter the Presence of God with your head bowed, feeling unworthy, but lo and behold, from afar you see a bundle of clothes flapping in the wind rushing towards you. You rub your eyes and see your Father running with His full might towards you, His arms stretched out, His tears running down his cheeks, and He embraces you and pins you down.

This is the start of every prayer.

Every prayer!

Again, like the prodigal son, all we want to do is fall to the ground and cry, “Please forgive me! I’m unworthy!” But God isn’t even listening too much.

Instead, He’s busy putting his arms around us, replacing our filthy robe, changing our torn sandals, putting a ring in our fingers—and throwing a party.

There are too many Christian teachers who teach about Christ but have not a daily experience of His presence. They are not immersed in Him.

God is Fire: not something to understand, but to love.

You cannot understand God with your mind.

He is not something to understand, anyway.

He is someone to be loved.


Here’s what you’ll find inside this Book:

Table of contents
  • Introduction: How To Be Intimate With God
  • Chapter 1: Go To The Holy Land
  • Chapter 2: Remove Your Sandals
  • Chapter 3: When He Speaks, Things Happen
  • Chapter 4: How To Pray In His Name
  • Chapter 5: Throw Yourself To The Fire
  • Conclusion: Scatter The Fire

But that’s not all…


Big Bonus Blessing 5:

You’ll Receive My Inspiring Ebook,
My Conspiracy Theory
Warning: There’s A Conspiracy Of Grace At Work In This Universe & Heaven Is Scheming To Bless Your Life.

Absolutely Free!

I feel I’m too young to make an autobiography.

Perhaps when I’m 80 or 90. But not now.

But this Ebook will be the closest I would get to something like an autobiography. In this Ebook, I try to piece together different parts of my life in chronological order.

It’s the only way for me to show you God’s Conspiracy of Grace. (Yes, I have a Conspiracy Theory. Here it is: Every part of God’s spiritual and physical universe is conspiring, plotting, and conniving to bless your life with massive abundance. All we have to do is say YES to that reckless love.)

So be patient as I retell my life story to you—and how at different times of my life, gave my struggling, faltering, incomplete YES to that massive abundance.

Here’s what you’ll find in this very personal Ebook:

    Table of Contents
    • Introduction: I Have A Conspiracy Theory And It’s Out Of This World
    • Chapter 1: My Childhood--Being The Most Ungifted Kid In The Whole Wide World
    • Chapter 2: My Conversion--How God Became More Real Than The President
    • Chapter 3: My First Preaching--How I Learned To Say “Sure”To God
    • Chapter 4: My Growth As Lover--How I Learned To Hug While I Could
    • Chapter 5: My Search For A Life Partner--How I Found My One True Love
    • Chapter 6: My Children--Trying To Be The Greatest Dad On The Face Of The Earth
    • Chapter 7: My Work--Expanding My Territories
    • Final Word: Open Up Yourself To Extravagant Grace

But that’s not all…


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Here’s a review of what you’ll receive when you become a Platinum Member of the GodWhispersClub:

First, you’ll change your beliefs by receiving daily GodWhispers.

That alone is worth the entire membership of the GodWhispersClub.

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Biggest Blessing: Receive GodWhispers in your Email everyday!

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“Yes, I Want To Change My Beliefs And Attract Blessings.
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I love them!

GodWhispers puts me in the right perspective. It propels me to pursue my dreams. It gives me hope that I can fulfill God's plans through my life, that of loving others by being a blessing or vessel of blessing. I love the GodWhispers. They are (like) real GodWhispers. I hear Him speak to me. Everytime, it peels off feelings of hopelessness and doubt. It gets me on the move. I am moving forward. I start believing and becoming more sure of the dream that God has planted in my heart.

Gigi Azarcon

It's changing my life

Since I signed in, I always look forward to receiving an article or to read GodWhispers. I also printed the prayers that were sent and prayed them whenever I have difficulties. And indeed, they worked!

Slowly it has changed my perspective in life. I now try to look at the brighter things in life and accept and understand God's wisdom behind all the difficulties and trials I am undertaking. Sometimes, they serve as my mantra to help keep me going on a gloomy day.

Nerissa Garrido

It makes me feel God's love

The GodWhispers make me feel how much God really loves us and how each of us is special to Him because we are all a part of Him. The audio talks and the newsletters always inspires and encourages me to believe in myself that anything is possible when we put our minds into it and ask God to guide us.

Bernadette Barra

GodWhispers is my wake-up Call

My all-time favorite is the daily dose of GodWhispers. Changed my life. Still does. Inspires me to write, sing, listen, laugh and love. Lifts my spirits when I'm down too. I love the GodWhispers. It's like my just-in-time wake-up calls. Sometimes I get goosebumps cuz it's like God is talking to me. Thank you so much Bo! You're such a blessing! :)

Kristina Godinez

I'm touched

What I like about the Truly Rich Club is the GodWhispers daily messages for me. Seeing my name on it made it more personal and I’m touched.

gina esteban

Reminded of Abundance

The GodWhispers provide daily contact and reminder about His abundance. Oftentimes, I smile after reading it because most of the time the message is just what I need at that moment.

Mary Rose Fausto

God is excited for my success

I'm really excited every morning when I open my emails and there I have my GodWhisper. Through this I'm inspired to share HIS words because I'm blessed already by reading God's whisper to me. It makes me more open to His abundance and reminds me of His sacred mission to me. This always makes me more aggressive to pursue the desire of my hearts –which is to serve HIM more. One morning, I was so down and facing big problems, which until now I'm still working on..but it happened that on that day, I didn't know how to handle it. When I opened my email, the first email I read was my GodWhisper on that day, and the words I really needed was what HE said to me. I really felt relief because what I felt was normal and HE is there to guide me to overcome it, and HE is excited for my success. So I just imagine that God is very true to HIS promise and He is the first person who is very proud and happy when I'm successful!!!!!!!

Geraldine Isa-al

It deepens my faith

I like best receiving GodWhispers every day. It truly hits me like "hitting the nail right on its head." It feels like He is talking to me face to face. My faith in God became deeper as I feel His holy guidance and prodding to continue moving on whenever I am discouraged. I always look forward to reading my GodWhispers especially when I am so downhearted. Then I feel My Father's presence all day reassuring me that eventually everything will turn out right, as, "If God brings you to it, God will bring you through it."

Francisca Ting



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